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Get Rid of Bacterial Vaginosis with Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’re suffering from BV, then you’ve probably heard of dozens of cure-alls – but perhaps the most effective and all-natural treatment is apple cider vinegar.  If you think that apple cider vinegar is just a great ingredient for some of your most delicious specialty dishes, then it’s time to discover just how to properly use apple cider vinegar for BV. 

But before we can look at how ACV can torch your bacterial vaginosis, let’s take a look at how BV starts in the first place – and what you can do to stop it in its tracks.

While medical researchers are still unsure about what exactly causes bacterial vaginosis, they do know that BV itself is a condition in which the bacterial balance within the vagina is thrown off. 

If you’re worried about the terms “vagina” and “bacteria” being used in the same sentence, don’t be concerned: the human body plays host to millions of small bacteria which help us stay healthy and strong, as they consume the germs that can cause common infections and diseases. 

When the bacterial balance within the vagina is normal, the pH balance is normal.  However, if something happens to the vagina that throws off the pH balance, this can create an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria. 

This means that the bad bacteria will start to overproduce, which will then lead to the most common symptoms of BV, including:

  • An unusual discharge
  • Painful itching
  • A foul and fishy odor emitting from the vaginal area
  • Burning urination
  • And a general feeling of being “off” down there.

Many women often mistake their bacterial vaginosis symptoms for yeast infections, and it’s no wonder – just take a look at any of these BV symptoms, and you’ll see that yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis have an awful lot in common.

Again, doctors aren’t sure what precisely causes bacterial vaginosis, but it’s believed that using commercial douches, being pregnant, and having sex with a new partner or multiple partners can cause an outbreak of bacterial vaginosis within the vagina. 

Can You Douche With Apple Cider Vinegar?:

So where does bacterial vaginosis and apple cider vinegar fit into all of this?

Simple: apple cider plays an indisputable role in the fight against bacterial vaginosis because it’s an all-natural remedy that helps the vagina to ward off the bad bacteria and restore its natural pH balance. 

While antibiotics kill off both the good and the bad bacteria – which can actually worsen symptoms of bacterial vaginosis – apple cider vinegar works by killing off the overgrowth of bad bacterial within the vagina, thus restoring it’s natural balance and eliminating bacterial vaginosis symptoms altogether.

As you can see, bacterial vaginosis won’t stand a chance against apple cider vinegar!

If you want to use this apple cider vinegar bv treatment, then it’s important to follow these steps to ensure your optimal success:

  • When shopping for the right apple cider vinegar, make sure you find a product that’s as natural as possible.  Remember, this ingredient will be going inside your vagina, so you don’t want to exacerbate the issue by putting any chemicals or additives in there.
  • If you have a strong stomach, you can opt to drink the apple cider vinegar.  Like all types of vinegar, apple cider vinegar tends to be very harsh, so you’ll need nerves of steel to opt for this option.  You best bet is to hold your nose and drink a few tablespoons of the stuff before eating a full meal.
  • Not too keen on the idea of “drinking” apple cider vinegar?  Then use it as a douche.  Mix equal parts bottled water and apple cider vinegar, and use a vaginal insert to pump the solution into your vagina.  Repeat until all of the formula is used up.  Once you’ve used the formula, it’s important to wash out your vagina with bottled water until it runs clear.  You don’t want any of the formula hanging around in there, as this can cause problems with the pH balance within your vagina.
  • Finally, you can choose to soak a tampon in apple cider vinegar and insert it into your vagina.  Be sure to soak the tampon for a few minutes (five to ten is best) and leave it in for no longer than two hours.  Use this method only once per day, as you don’t want to cause any undue stress or chemical imbalances to your vagina.  You should begin to see your bacterial vaginosis symptoms easing up just after a few applications.
  • Whatever you do, don’t attempt to put apple cider vinegar in your vagina with your fingers.  This won’t put enough of the liquid in your vagina, which will leave you feeling frustrated.  Use a vaginal insert or any of the above options to ensure that you’re using apple cider vinegar to its full BV-busting potential.

As you can see, bacterial vaginosis and apple cider vinegar go hand in hand together.  Apple cider vinegar works hard to kill of bad bacteria and restore your vagina’s natural pH balance, which helps to not only alleviate bacterial vaginosis symptoms, but get rid of them altogether. 

When it comes down to it, apple cider vinegar is really one of the most effective natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis out there today.

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