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Effective BV Home Treatment That Works

Let’s face it: you’re looking for a potent BV remedy.

You’re sick of running to the pharmacy every few days, hoping against hope that they’ll have an effective bacterial vaginosis treatment that will cure you of your BV woes.  You’re sick of going up to your pharmacist and revealing your humiliating dilemma, only to have that pharmacist tell you to go to your doctor.  And there’s no denying that you’re absolutely disgusted by continually going to your doctor for BV help. 

Not only does your doctor continually deny you the help you’re looking for, but he even writes off your BV symptoms as something that will disappear “over time.”

frustrated womanBut that’s exactly what you don’t have.  You don’t have all the time in the world to wait for your bacterial vaginosis to get better.  After all, it’s affecting every facet of your life – and if you don’t get it under control, you’re afraid that your professional and personal lives will suffer.  Your BV is preventing you from speaking up in the boardroom and from volunteering for important projects. 

You find yourself continually running to the bathroom to wash yourself down there, as you’re afraid that your work colleagues will somehow smell the foul and fishy odor that’s being emitted from your downstairs region.

And let’s not even forget about the impact that your bacterial vaginosis is having on your personal life.  You’re sick and tired of constantly praying for an end to your BV so you can be intimate with your partner again.  You’re frustrated by the fear you feel during sex, because you think he’ll sense that you’re “dirty” down there.  And you’re absolutely tired by the efforts you have to go to just to prepare yourself for intimacy.  From the washing and the douching to the wiping and the scented powders, you’re ready to learn all about the secrets to a remedy that really works.

Before we continue, let’s just point out that key word for a second: “home”.  Why should we place such an emphasis on this word, considering that there’s a world of pharmaceutical pills, creams and drugs out there for women to choose from?

The answer is simple: despite all the technology and medical advances that exist in the world, pharmaceutical companies have done little to advance in terms of bacterial vaginosis treatments. 

For whatever reasons, there still aren’t great over the counter bacterial vaginosis treatments readily available for women.  But this doesn’t mean that your BV treatment is hopeless – because when it comes to an effective BV treatment, nothing beats the products and ingredients you can find in your own bathroom and kitchen.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the secret to an effective at home solutions.

Bottled Water and Hydrogen Peroxide

As it turns out, that bottled water isn’t just great for on-the-go thirst-quenching; it’s also fantastic option for relieving BV at home.

hydrogen peroxide and bottled water

Let’s explore this a little more.  Researchers believe that one of the reasons women experience bacterial vaginosis is because the vagina is often introduced to new things that upset its delicate pH balance.  Besides new sex partners, one of the main causes of BV is believed to be excessive douching. 

Between the harsh fragrances and the acidic contents of many over the counter douches, it’s no wonder douching can cause the vagina to overproduce bacteria, which eventually leads to bacterial vaginosis. 

This is where bottled water comes in.  While douching may cause bacterial vaginosis, it can also be an effective BV treatment at home – but only if you use an artful combination of hydrogen peroxide and bottled water.  You see, hydrogen peroxide helps the vagina to clear out the excessive bacterial vaginosis that’s causing all the of the problems in the first place. 

But hydrogen peroxide douching must be done with bottled water, as all chemicals should be washed out of the vagina to ensure maximum treatment.  Bottled water is much cleaner than tap water, as the latter can contain a number of stray ingredients ranging from harsh minerals and fluoride to excessive amounts of estrogen. 

Cotton Panties

While this isn’t an “at-home” treatment in the classic sense, there’s no denying cotton pantiesthat if you’re suffering from bacterial vaginosis, swapping your tight panties for cotton ones can make a world of difference. 

That’s because tight lace, spandex and even polyester panties make it hard for the vagina to regulate itself and “breathe” – this lack of air makes it easier for bad bacteria to grow and fester.  Swapping these BV-friendly panties for breathable cotton panties makes it easier for your vagina to really respond to treatment at home. 

On a similar note, it’s important to always exercise in panties and pants that allow your vagina to breathe.  While tight yoga pants and spandex running shorts may be considered fashionable, it’s important to point out that these pants inhibit air circulation.  This, combined with excessive sweating, can result in a breeding ground of bacteria that can eventually turn into bacterial vaginosis. 

Therefore, it’s important to ramp up any treatments with breathable cotton panties and ventilated gym wear that will allow your downstairs region to properly breathe throughout even the sweatiest workout.

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