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How to Get Rid of The BV Smell and Symptoms Fast?

When you’re struck with a severe case of BV, there’s no doubt that there’s only one question revolving through your mind right now: how do you get rid of bacterial vaginosis?

There’s no denying that learning the best solution can be a real pain in the neck.  After all, you’re a busy woman with a career and family to look after, or a dating life that doesn’t exactly need the interruption from bacterial vaginosis.  Between the painful itching, the awful smell and the general feeling of being a little “off” down there, the physical symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are enough to drive you up the wall.

woman worry for her bv symptomsAnd let’s not forget to mention all of the emotional and mental fall-out that bacterial vaginosis can cause.  Although bacterial vaginosis is hard to get rid of, that doesn’t mean that afflicted women treat themselves any more kindly. 

In fact, chronic BV sufferers often report feelings of being “dirty”, and often speak up less in board meetings or scale back their sex lives because they’re afraid of colleagues and partners finding out their “dirty” secret.

It’s safe to say that finding a way to beat this nighmare isn’t just crucial for your health – it’s vital for your sense of emotional and mental well-being as well.  With that in mind, this article will show you definitive and proven ways to get rid of bacterial vaginosis without resorting to expensive medications…

…And some of the best anti-BV methods can even be found in your bathroom and kitchen sink.

How BV Starts – And What Are The Best Riddance

Before we begin to examine effective ways of treating BV, it’s important to look at how BV is contracted.  This will help you gain a better understanding of how to get rid of bacterial vaginosis with just a few easy – and effective! – at-home remedies.

Bacterial vaginosis is exactly what it sounds like: an imbalance of bacteria within the vagina.  You see, the vagina is home to an array of good and bad bacteria that are in constant balance to preserve the delicate pH balance of the female reproductive system.  However, when the vagina comes into contact with a new sex partner or multiple sex partners, it can often cause bad bacteria to suddenly go into overproduction, which then throws off the delicate pH balance of the vagina.  This is how many common cases of bacterial vaginosis begin.

Bacterial vaginosis can also be caused by excessive douching.  Douching tends to destroy all bacteria in the vagina – whether good or bad – thus creating a sort of “empty slate” effect.  When the vagina realizes that it no longer has any bacteria to speak of, it goes into crisis mode and ramps up its production levels.  However, this panicked reaction leads to the overproduction of vaginal bacteria, which in turn sets off a bout of bacterial vaginosis.

The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis run the gamut from mild to severe.  These symptoms can include:

  • Constant and persistent vaginal itching
  • Strange discharge, which can vary in color
  • A foul, fishy odor emanating from the vaginal area
  • Painful urination
  • And other symptoms.

Given these symptoms, it’s easy to see why many women treat their bacterial vaginosis with yeast infection medications.  However, if you want to get rid of this thing, you’ll need to get a bit more creative – and the following tips will show you just how to do that.

Turn to Hydrogen Peroxide

While it was previously mentioned that douching can set off a serious bout of bacterial vaginosis, it should also be noted that douching can provide the cure for BV – provided that you use hydrogen peroxide.

You see, many over-the-counter douches work by using acidic fragrances to cover up the natural smell of the vagina.  Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, works by completely destroying the bad bacteria that are running rampant within the vagina.  By swapping fragrance-rich douches for the healing power of hydrogen peroxide, you’ll not only provide an effective means for getting rid of your current bacterial vaginosis…

…You’ll prevent another case from cropping up again.

Follow a Sex Hygiene Ritual

When you’re suffering from bacterial vaginosis, having sex with your partner can actually cause more harm than good to your vagina (in fact, sex with your partner might have even caused the bacterial vaginosis altogether).  However, you don’t have to swear off sex with your partner in order to enjoy a healthy vagina again – you just have to follow a certain sex hygiene ritual.


Before sex with your partner, it’s critical to prepare your vagina for your intimate session. 

We recommend washing your vagina with gentle soap (make sure it’s fragrance-free), lukewarm water and a washcloth, as this will clear your vagina of any discharge and odor that you may be experiencing. 

After sex with your partner, repeat the same act so that any new irritants introduced to the vagina are washed away.  

You may want to douche with hydrogen peroxide within the 24 hours after your latest sexual encounter, as this can provide an effective cleanse that will put a stop to any new bacterial vaginosis symptoms.

Get the Real Insider Knowledge

Perhaps the easiest way to beat bacterial vaginosis is to have a basic understanding of what information works – and what pieces of “advice” are actually making your BV symptoms worse.  To that end, it’s time to stop asking your friends how and get the scoop from your ultimate information source…

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