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How Do I Treat Bacterial Vaginosis?

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “How do I get rid of this thing?”, then you’re certainly not alone.  In fact, studies have shown that more than half of all women will experience some symptoms of bacterial vaginosis within their lifetimes – and for many of these women, those symptoms quickly give way to a chronic case of bacterial vaginosis.

But you’re not look for an article that will re-confirm what you already know.  You don’t need an article that will simply point out your symptoms and tell you that you’re suffering from bacterial vaginosis.  And you certainly don’t need an article to tell you that plenty of women are in your boat.  That’s not what you’re here for – you’re here to seek instant and effective relief from all of your bacterial vaginosis woes.

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And that’s exactly what you’re about to find here.  This article is dedicated to helping you find a real and lasting answer to that ultimate question: “How to get rid of bv infection?”  But we’re not about to provide you with a simple solution to that question, as bacterial vaginosis requires more than a simple answer. 

In fact, we won’t even tell you to make an appointment with your doctor and seek out a course of antibiotics. 

Instead, we’re going to reveal a very effective and life-changing solution that won’t just cure your bacterial vaginosis, but will help you lose weight, feel more energetic and overhaul your entire health.

Because at the heart of the answer to this question is the realization that it all starts – and ends – with your diet.

Consider the last meal you ate.  Perhaps it was a rushed granola bar on your way to work, or perhaps you scarfed down a quick meal that you purchased through a drive-through.  Whatever you at, it’s likely that it wasn’t exactly the healthiest option for your body.

In today’s fast-paced, gotta-have-it-now world, our diets are suffering more than ever.  Fruits and veggies have flown out the window in favor of bacon burgers and stale pastries.  Home-cooked meals and dinners at home have been replaced by microwaveable meals and bowls of sugary cereal. 

And let’s not even get started on the food changes we’ve seen in restaurants over the past few decades; between the increased portion sizes and the high fat content, it’s no wonder the entire Western world is realized that obesity is one of its biggest health problems.

But it’s not obesity we want to focus on here – instead, we’re going to take a look at how an unhealthy diet is one of the biggest factors of your bacterial vaginosis.  No matter how you try to treat it, your bacterial vaginosis will keep coming back for more unless you make very real and lasting changes in your overall diet. 

Change Your Diet

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the changes you can make now so you can avoid bacterial vaginosis in the future:

  • Refined carbohydrates are incredibly popular these days.  From white breads to white pastas, there’s no end to the refined carbohydrates that are lining the grocery store shelves and sneaking their way into our kitchens.  But if you’re suffering from bacterial vaginosis, the last thing you want to do is eat refined carbohydrates, as these empty calories can tip the scales between good and bad vaginal bacteria in favor of the latter.

No SugarOn a similar note, refined sugars are similarly to blame for your chronic bacterial vaginosis.  You see, both refined carbohydrates and refined sugars can cause your blood sugar levels (and insulin) to skyrocket into a sky-high energy buzz.  When your insulin eventually crashes, this causes the immune system to go into a state of shock. 

When the immune system is compromised in such a way, the bad bacteria in your vagina start to explode, thus overwhelming the good bacteria and leading to bacterial vaginosis.  This is why people who have such unhealthy diets tend to get sick more often, as their immune systems are always in a comprised and weakened state.

So what’s the answer to these refined sugars and carbohydrates? 

Simple: eliminate these refined ingredients and make a few key changes in your diet.  Stock your plate with fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean meats, and eliminate all sugary snacks and “white” foods from your diet.  You should see an immediate change in your bacterial vaginosis in no time.

  • In terms of diet, many women don’t get enough folic acid in their daily meals.  If you think that folic acid is a nutrient that only pregnant women need, then think again: this water-soluble B vitamin is one of the best ways to get rid of bacterial vaginosis, as many experts believe that bacterial vaginosis is caused by a folic acid deficiency.

To get your hands on more folic acid, be sure to take a daily supplement with your recommend value of folic acid.  If you want to incorporate more folic acid into your daily diet, make sure you get plenty of leafy dark greens in there, in addition to whole wheat bread, nuts and seeds, and citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits.

As you can see, a better diet is the best answer.

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