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Looking Over the Counter for Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments?

If you’re looking over the counter for bacterial vaginosis treatments, then the following scenario may sound familiar to you:

You’ve suddenly started experiencing uncomfortable vaginal symptoms.  In fact, uncomfortable may not even be the right word for it – they’re downright painful and embarrassing.  It all started with a painful itching in your vaginal region that was so distracting, you couldn’t concentrate on your work.  You kept excusing yourself to go to the bathroom, hoping against hope that this was only a temporary symptom that would go away with time.

woman looking at the otc bv treatmentsBut then the smell kicked it – and that’s when you realized you needed to start looking over the counter for bacterial vaginosis treatments.  After all, there’s no mistaking that smell when you first experience it.  It’s an overwhelmingly foul and fishy smell that seems to permeate the very air around you.  You find yourself looking at your coworkers, wondering if they can smell it as well. 

You stop speaking out at board meetings.  You stop volunteering for major projects.  All you can think about is if you move the wrong way, your bacterial vaginosis smell will be caught by one of your colleagues.

And this pain and embarrassment doesn’t even include the kind you experience in your sex life.  You’ve sworn off sex with your new partner because you don’t want him to think that you’re “dirty” down there.  Even if you do manage to hurdle over the embarrassment and become intimate with him, you’re in such a rush to wash yourself afterwards that you hardly enjoy any cuddling time after being intimate with him.  It’s definitely not a stretch to say that looking for over the counter bacterial vaginosis treatments is crucial to saving your sex life.

But when you get to your local pharmacy, you may notice that there’s a disturbing lack of over the counter bacterial vaginosis treatments hanging around.  That’s because many pharmaceutical companies just won’t produce the treatments, as they’re not as profitable as yeast infection treatments.  Think about it this way: when most women experience painful itching, vaginal odor and messy discharge, they turn to yeast infection treatments above anything else.  So it makes sense that pharmaceutical companies would turn their attention – and their money – to bacterial vaginosis treatments.

This article is dedicated to showing you that you don’t have to buy any pills or messy creams to cure your bacterial vaginosis.  If you’re still looking over the counter for bacterial vaginosis treatments, head away from the feminine hygiene products – because the following items are all you need to rid yourself of bacterial vaginosis once and for all:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Let’s face it – everyone has a bottle of hydrogen peroxide floating around in their bathroom somewhere.  This wonder chemical is perfect for cleaning wounds, brightening teeth, destroying mouth bacteria – and, as it turns out, for getting rid of bacterial vaginosis.

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% for BV

You see, bacterial vaginosis is caused by a bacterial imbalance within the vagina.  Before you freak out over the use of “bacteria” and “vagina” in the same sentence, it’s important to note that every facet of our body is made up of tiny microbes of bacteria, all of which help us to maintain our good health. 

In the case of your vagina, there’s a delicate balance between good and bad bacteria, which help the vagina to maintain its delicate pH balance (yes, your vagina has a pH balance!).  When this balance is thrown out of whack – which can happen due to a new sex partner or frequent douching – the vagina responds by overproducing bacteria.  As a result, this creates bacterial vaginosis, which is notoriously hard to get rid of once you contract it.

Hydrogen peroxide works by destroying the excessive bacteria in your vagina, which allows it to maintain its pre-BV bacteria levels again.  As hydrogen peroxide doesn’t have any perfume or fragrances, it’s a non-irritant that’s perfect for giving your vagina the treatment it needs without irritating it any further. 

That’s why douching with hydrogen peroxide is the perfect answer to all of your bacterial vaginosis woes.  So before you look over the counter for bacterial vaginosis treatments, head to the first aid aisle and pick up a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for yourself.

Veggies and Fruits

There’s a popular saying that we are what we eat – and if you’ve been gorging yourself on junk food lately, then it should come as no surprise that your body is protesting with bacterial vaginosis.

fruits and vegetablesLike the vagina, our bodies perform a delicate balancing act on a daily basis.  Our bodies work hard to maintain our optimal health – and all of this hard work requires the kind of energy that can only be found in fruits and veggies. 

When we don’t get enough of this important food group, our bodies enter a sluggish mode that can make it difficult to function properly. 

That’s why women with poor diets are more prone to experiencing bacterial vaginosis, as the vagina is not given the nutrition it needs to keep up with the delicate balancing act between good and bad vaginal bacteria.

So before you sink your money into over the counter for bacterial vaginosis treatments, try transforming your diet to include more fruits and vegetables, along with lean protein and whole grains.  You’ll be surprised at the difference in can make in your vaginal health – along with the health of your entire body!

“Instant BV Relief”

Instant BV Relief

Over the counter for bacterial vaginosis treatments are few and far between – and they often don’t deliver on their promised results. 

That’s why more women with BV are turning to “Instant BV Relief”, an innovative and highly effective ebook that points out specific at-home remedies for getting rid of bacterial vaginosis. 

Each of these techniques is uniquely designed to get rid of bacterial vaginosis at the source, leaving you feeling fresh and on top of the world again.

So before you start looking over the counter for bacterial vaginosis treatments, turn to “Instant BV Relief” for your ultimate answers.

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